Adway Wadekar

Undergraduate at Duke University


Curriculum Vitae


I'm a senior at Duke University studying mathematics and statistics. I am primarily interested in statistical genetics and bioinformatics, missing data, survey statistics and high-dimennsional probability and statistics. At Duke, I am advised by Profs. Jerry Reiter, Jichun Xie and Nicholas Cook.

Outside of research, I have a strong interest in journalism. I served as news editor for The Chronicle, Duke's independent newspaper, and have a particular interest in covering administrative actions and their associated impact on students and other members of the Duke community.

I am an avid basketball fan and work on the creative team for Duke Men’s Basketball.



  1. Wadekar, A.S. and Reiter, J.P. (2024). “Evaluating binary outcome classifiers estimated from survey data,” Epidemiology (forthcoming). arXiv: 2311.00596.
  2. Wadekar, A.S. (2020). “A psychosocial approach to predicting substance use disorder (SUD) among adolescents.” In Proceedings of IEEE/ACM Intl. Conf. on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, 819-826.
  3. Wadekar, A.S. (2020). “Understanding Opioid Use Disorder using tree-based classifiers.” Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 208, 107839.

Ongoing projects

  1. Defining polyexposomic risk scores and developing estimation methods using summary statistics.
  2. Differential privacy and verification of parameters using Bayesian prediction intervals.
  3. Testing for geometry in random simplicial complexes constructed in negatively curved spaces.
  4. Applying statistical knockoffs to detect (causal) common variants in genome-wide association studies.


Below is a selection of my recent clips.