Adway Wadekar

Undergraduate at Duke University


Curriculum Vitae


I'm a senior at Duke University studying mathematics and statistics. At Duke, I work with Prof. Jerry Reiter on survey statistics and differential privacy, Prof. Jichun Xie on whole-genome sequencing and genome-wide association studies and Prof. Nicholas Cook in high-dimensional probability.

Outside of research, I have a strong interest in journalism. I served as news editor for The Chronicle, Duke's independent newspaper, and have a particular interest in covering administrative actions and their associated impact on students and other members of the Duke community.

I am an avid basketball fan and work on the creative team for Duke Men’s Basketball.



  1. Wadekar, A.S. and Reiter, J.P. (2023+) “Evaluating binary outcome classifiers estimated from survey data,” accept with minor revisions at Epidemiology. arXiv: 2311.00596.
  2. Wadekar, A.S. (2020). “A psychosocial approach to predicting substance use disorder (SUD) among adolescents.” In Proceedings of IEEE/ACM Intl. Conf. on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, 819-826.
  3. Wadekar, A.S. (2020). “Understanding Opioid Use Disorder using tree-based classifiers.” Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 208, 107839.

Ongoing projects

  1. Thresholds for distinguishability of random simplicial complexes.
  2. Applying statistical knockoffs to detect (causal) common variants in genome-wide association studies.


Below is a selection of my recent clips.